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Oil and mixed media, entitled “Infanta Margarita”

Size with frame: 136cm x 171cm         Artwork: 118cm x 152cm

Berber was an internationally celebrated Bosnian who’s graphic, figurative art captivated the changes in his country’s history by challenging classical images of the Venetian school with a modern narration. Berber often produced figurative art that expressed mystery and he was quick to employ both traditional and contemporary artistic techniques in doing so (e.g. Berber often produced art which continued from the canvass to the picture frame)

A Bosniak Muslim, Berber’s references to both literature and religion were often complex given he took great inspiration from the Italian school.  However, over his career, Berber would go on to receive a great following in the artistic community and many notable accolades (e.g. the Gold medal at the first exhibition of Graphic Arts in Trieste in 1971).  Berber would also exhibit his distinctive work in many cities of the world, such as Zurich, Moscow, Madrid, New York and London where he was included in the 1984 Tate Gallery collection

Key Spanish artist Diego Velazquez (1599-1660) produced many court paintings of Infanta Margarita, a royal Spanish daughter whom would go on to be the wife of King Leopold 1, the holy Roman emperor.  The sole intention of these paintings was to showcase Margarita in the stages of her childhood and in doing so inform Leopold of how his betrothed was growing.  Inspired by Velazquez, Berber often produced figurative art of classical female subjects in his own unique style

Price:  £2,250.00