A fully Adzed Oak Dining Table with  Adzed Panel Back Dining Chairs including 1 Carver all with wonderful carved gnome signatures

The Oak Dining Table with a 3 plank adzed and dowelled oak top raised on a trestle base with carved waisted end supports recessed carved gnome signature to one end,the table top has an unique facity of being above to be lifted off for easy moving.

Excellent patina and fully adzed to all visible areas

Height 76 cm Width 73.5 cm Length 183 cm

The chairs with original hide seats  have  fully adzed panel backs above a stretched hide seat standing on four shaped legs connected by stretchers each with a carved Gnome signature to leg, it should be noted that the hide seats are in excellent condition

Circa: 1960

Biography: Tom Whittaker circa 1910-1991 lived and worked in Littlebeck near Whitby after studying in his native York and with craftsmen in Germany and Switzerland.
He used only English Oak and his trademark was to carve a little woodland gnome into each and every piece of furniture he made. Legend has it that a gnome is born every time an acorn sprouts and then that gnome will guard that tree throughout its life
Tom Whittaker the Gnome Man of Littlebecks work is highly recognised his Vulnerata statue of the wounded Virgin commissioned by the monastery of Valladolid replaced a figure defaced by Elizabethan sailors during a piratical raid is one of his noted works.
Tom Whittaker died in 1991 his business ended and his workshop was converted into a private house
Of all the Woodcarvers and furniture makers of North Yorkshire the Gnomeman’s work is highly sought after.
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