Barnard Castle Round Table Derek Lizardman Slater Chair

Found in the back of a store room in the 17th century Old Well Inn in Barnard Castle was a dilapidated oak chair bearing an inscription and plaque carved in high relief was a lizard type signature.

The chair was immediately shown to us – well we’re in there most days!

We were pleased to be able to identify the piece as a work by Derek Lizardman Slater who trained with Grainger at Acorn Industries in North Yorkshire.

It was impossible for us to pass by an opportunity to restore an historic piece of furniture and with help from our upholsterers the chair has now been refurbished to its full glory and has been returned to the Round Table for display.

Derek Lizardman Slater, who as mentioned trained with Alan Acornman Grainger was a fabulous crafts man. You can see below the detail of his Lizardman signature. He originally carved a fish as his trade mark but later changed to his signature lizard.

If you have any pieces that you would like identifying we would love to hear from you please send us over some pictures and any information you have via our ‘Sell an item to us’ page. We look forward to seeing your pieces!